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Cannon Hill Chiropractors


Cannon Hill Chiropractor: Patrick McPhie

Patrick McPhie (Chiropractor)

Patrick McPhie (Chiropractor )

Once you meet Pat you will see and feel the passion he has for his job.

Pat has been in practice for 17 year and loves his work. He gets a good kick out of getting people better and even more so when they start to take control of their health for the long term.

Pat is full of information that he imparts to his patients to inspire them to recovery and better health. He believes that you take your body everywhere, you use it every day so you should look after it.

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He graduated from Macquarie University (Sydney) in 2004 with a Masters of Chiropractic and has worked in Glasgow, Scotland and Sydney Australia before moving to Melbourne in 2008 to work with Neil Davies of Kiro Kids.

Pat uses a very specific and unique chiropractic technique called the Neuro Impulse Protocol or N.I.P. which is a gentle and specific technique that does not involve any Cracking or cavitation of joints that traditional Chiropractors have used.

Pat is very skilled at N.I.P and is an integral part of the N.I.P international teaching team. He has taught N.I.P to chiropractors from around the world at each of the International symposiums being Hong Kong (2010), Sardinia (2013), Tenerife (2016),and Langkawi (2018).

 “In my 17 years experience, I find that the more targeted and specific you can be with your corrections to the joints and muscles of the body the better the outcome. When you layer in targeted exercises that are adhered to this change can be further accelerated”.

Pat also likes patients to know that …”The human body is plastic in that like plasticine it is mouldable from the day we are born until the day that we die, knowing this alone is powerful in helping patients drive the change they want to see in their function and health”.

Cannon Hill Chiropractor: Melody Shu Yi Tan

Melody Tan (Chiropractor )

Melody Tan (Chiropractor )

Melody Shu Yi Tan Graduated Deans Listed with BSs (Hons) Chiropractic International Chiropractic Board of Australia. She first witnessed NeuroImpulse Protocol (NIP)
while observing Dr Genevieve “work her magic”. Melody has been practicing NIP for 3 years now. Her passion is looking after pregnant women and helping people achieve their fitness goals.

She has several hobbies, which include dancing, singing and most of all playing with her 2 sons and 2 puggles (pug cross beagle).


Cannon Hill Chiropractor: Genevieve Dharamaraj

Genevieve Dharamaraj (Chiropractor Cannon Hill)

Genevieve Dharamaraj (Chiropractor)

Genevieve Dharamaraj is a Chiropractor with a special interest in Paediatrics with over 25 years experience. She holds a Science Degree, Masters of Chiropractic, Masters of Paediatric Chiropractic and a fellowship in Childhood Neurodevelopment Disorders from the International Board of Functional Neurology.

Throughout the years, Gen has noticed a spike in children suffering from Childhood Development disorders. As a mum of a Type 1 Diabetic Son, Ryan, Gen explored and studied the link between gut health and the body and mind.

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Gen’s quest for solutions has seen her traverse the globe learning from experts in their field. She was fortunate to follow Dr Rob Melillo to Sofia, Bulgaria to treat children with severe autism. The results were beyond remarkable and Gen knew this groundbreaking method could help many. While in Amsterdam, she was lucky to shadow Dr Kyle Daigle who taught her protocols to integrate Primitive Reflexes using Lasers and Rezzimax, a vibration tool in the quickest possible way.

Gen believes in a holistic approach to paediatric care. A passionate advocate for treating each child with love, Gen knows no two children are the same. Each Child that is in our clinic is evaluated to make sure they meet their trajectory milestones, and care provided ensures they reach their potential.

Gen combines her scientific mind and natural ability to relate, to calm her patients perfectly. Described as a pseudo counselor by her patients, she is wise, kind and knowledgeable. Her caring nature shines through every interaction with parents and patients alike.

When Gen isn’t working in her practice, you can find her shopping in James Street, New Farm, training for triathlons, spending time with her family and escaping for a cheeky girls weekend here and there.

 Cannon Hill Chiropractor: Cary Gilbert  (not taking New Patients)

Cary Gilbert (Chiropractor Cannon Hill)

Cary Gilbert (Chiropractor)

Cary Gilbert is a chiropractor that has a driving focus in neurologically based chiropractic care for the whole family. “I am fortunate to have had the care of amazing health practitioners during my childhood. With their influence I am blessed to have chosen chiropractic as my vocation.” After completing a three-year Bachelor of Science majoring in anatomy, then a Masters of Chiropractic in 2002 at Macquarie University, he began his journey helping professional surfers compete at their best, and in the development of elite Australian junior surfers.

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“Since my partner and I discovered we were pregnant with our beautiful daughter Lolana in 2006 it came naturally that I wanted to learn all I could about paediatric chiropractic. Lolana was fortunate to begin her life with an amazing water birth, and received her first Neuro Impulse Protocol (NIP) Chiropractic Adjustment at four hours old. My daughter continues to teach me and inspire me to continue my understanding of the unlimited potential of children.” In 2011 I began my next amazing journey of learning right here at Cannon Hill Family Chiropractic Centre. My journeys next chapter is currently with Post. Grad. studies in Developmental Functional Neurology with Dr Robert Mellilo and his ‘Mellilo Method.’


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